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May 30, 2016

To: Dr. John Silantien

Bravo! That was a wonderful performance of Alzheimer’s Stories – very nuanced and expert and moving. Thank you very much for your long-standing commitment to the piece, and please convey my gratitude to all the members of The San Antonio Symphony Mastersinger for their splendid singing.

Bravi tutti!


Herschel Garfein

Librettist, Alzheimer’s Stories


Emailed to Dr. John Silantien, May 31, 2016

Dear John,

I am writing you from JFK, waiting to board for Firenze but wanted to tell you how thrilled I am to have you on our series with the Alzheimer’s Stories. What a triumph!

I was astonished with the drama and high quality of your Mastersingers – such musical integrity, power, ease of sound, drama and the sopranos – I can’t remember hearing a greater group of high voices, ever. Their soaring lines are memorable.

You led a wonderful reading today and I am sure the performance tonight can be only more stellar under your amazing leadership.

Please give my warmest congratulations to your choral artists.


With my best personal regards,

Peter Tiboris

General Music Director

MidAmerica Productions, Inc.